Learning The Art of Rapid Classical Miasmatic Prescribing - Dr. Saptarshi Banerjea

Learning The Art of Rapid Classical Miasmatic Prescribing

Level : CME (Advance)

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Instructor: Dr. Saptarshi BanerjeaLanguage: English

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The inclusion of miasm in a homoeopathic prescription is becoming more and more important in this modern world of suppression, hence, learning the art of rapid classical Miasmatic prescribing is necessary. Hahnemann with his infinite wisdom recognised some two hundred years ago the prominence of one-sided diseases with a scarcity of proper characteristic symptoms, and the increasing usage of modern drugs has intensified this to a degree that such cases are becoming increasingly common today. There can only be one approach if a complete cure is sought and this is to systematically remove each layer of suppression and miasmatic dyscrasia before proceeding to nip the underlying cause of disease in the bud.

The course is practical and incorporates the ancestral tips and wisdom of five generations of Homoeopathy. The modules have been constructed in a way to enhance the analysis of rapid classical miasmatic prescribing.

With proper application, miasmatic prescribing can uproot the underlying cause of disease and nip the bud of increased susceptibility to future diseases, so it is not only curative but also preventative, something for which our patients will surely thank us in the long run. There are no shortcuts to complete and permanent cure and it is up to us and our patients to play our parts in striving towards successful treatment in as many cases as possible. It is by the incorporation of miasmatic prescribing into our treatments that this can become possible.

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Dr Saptarshi Banerjea is M.D (Hom.) in Materia Medica . Being the 5th generation Homoeopath, D...                 Read More

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