Frequently Asked Questions

Answer all of your questions

Question 1: Can these courses can be done by non medical students or not?

Answer : Courses can be done by anyone who wants to learn homeopathy.

Question 2: Can the user put any designation like CCAH, FCAH, SCPH after completing this course?

Answer : No, the completion of any course does not entitle any user to put any designation.

Question 3: How can the user be certified after completing the course in any country?

Answer : After completing the course, the user has to clear the quiz based on the course. After passing the quiz, the user will get online certification from the doctor/ author/ teacher of the course in collaboration with THA, irrespective of the country/ region.

Question 4: How the course is conducted for international participants? Is it through webinar or online?

Answer : All courses are the video courses/ lecture availble online.

Question 5: What are the minimum educational requirements to take this course?

Answer : Courses can be done by anyone who wants to learn homeopathy. There is no such additional educational requirement.

Question 6: Total fee for the courses?

Answer : Fee to enroll the course is listed beside the respective courses.

Question 7: Are these courses online for distance students?

Answer : All courses are the video courses/ lecture available online for every user upon successful enrollment.

Question 8: Will we get the certificate of completion for free courses?

Answer : Certificate of completion will not be given for the free courses.

Question 9: I am unable to login using my existing login credentials from another country. What to do?

Answer : Please write to us on [email protected] providing your user id and the country in which you have created the user id.

Question 10: Is there a deadline on finishing the coursework?

Answer : There is no deadline to complete the course. Courses are specially designed in a way that the user can learn at his/her own pace and convenience.

Question 11: How the lectures are posted online?

Answer : The courses on THA website are the recorded lectures in the form of multimedia videos. These video lectures are uploaded and available online to view anytime from anywhere once enrolled.

Question 12: Do I get any type of degree?

Answer : This website does not offer any degree. You get the certificate of completion undersigned by the Author/Speaker for the course that you complete through THA.

Question 13: Can I practice Homeopathy after doing any course?

Answer : For this, you need to check the law of your land. THA only provides certificate of completion. The Courses are designed in a way that helps the users enhance their knowledge of homeopathy.

Question 14: Do I get the written material (PDF/DOC) notes of the course?

Answer : Since all of the video lectures are multimedia, we do not provide any additional written material in the form of DOC/PDF files.