Comparative Homeopathic Psychology - Philip Michael Bailey

Comparative Homeopathic Psychology

Level : CME (Advance), PG (Intermediate)

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Instructor: Philip Michael BaileyLanguage: English

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Homeopathy relies largely on the mentality and the mind symtoms of a patient to identify his constitution. Homeopathic psychology deals with understanding the personality of a patient which is as important as his physical traits in individualizing the case and finding the best suited similimum.

Psychological Materia Medica is extensively described, with special reference to case studies comparison with similar remedies, clinical application, central issues, keynotes and the essence.

Many practitioners have a good knowledge of the physical Material Medica of constitutional remedies, but only a sketchy understanding of the mental characteristics. This leads inevitably to poor prescribing, as there is such a lot of overlap between the physical symptoms and generals of different remedies. Only with a deep familiarity with the mental characteristics of the remedies can constitutional prescribing become accurate and effective.

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Dr. Philip Michael Bailey is a world-renowned therapist and author. He condu...  Read More

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