Philip Michael Bailey

Dr Philip Michael Bailey is a world renowned therapist and author. He conducts multiple workshops and seminars on classical homeopathic prescribing, counselling and family constellation therapy, attended by medical professionals and other people from the world over.


  • MBBS London in 1984.
  • Studied at Misha Norland School of Homeopathy, Devon UK
  • Completed full course for facilitators in Family Constellation Therapy in Copenhagen in 2009
  • Homeopathic General Practitioner in Perth Australia 1992- 2016
  • Psychotherapist and counsellor in Perth Australia 1995-2016
  • Junior Youth Psychiatrist in Bisbebjerg Hospital, Copenhagen 2009
  • Lecturer in mentals materia medica, Perth Academy of Natural Medicine
  • Has given advanced mentals seminars all over the world, including Moscow, Prague, Oslo, London, Munich, Melbourne and Utrecht Holland.
  • Homeopathic Psychology- Personality Profiles Of The Major Constitutional Remedies
  • The Lac Remedies in Practice
  • Carcinosinum – A Materia Medica
  • I’ll Meet You There – Living Beyond All Ideas of Right and Wrong

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