Clinical Materia Medica - Dr. Ronak Shah

Clinical Materia Medica

Level : CME (Advance), PG (Intermediate), UG (Beginner)

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Instructor: Dr. Ronak ShahLanguage: English

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Clinical Materia Medica is one of the ways of studying Materia Medica. This is one subject, which not just to be read but practiced. It is quite simply the art of applying Materia Medica in practice. Clinical Materia Medica denotes an effective way of studying and understanding Homeopathic Materia Medica. This is a subject, which needs to be practised. It is quite simply the art of applying Materia Medica in practice. Materia Medica explained clinically supported by cases for better understanding.

Understanding a drug is quite a laborious task especially for students. All drugs appear similar to the beginners. For the practitioners also keynotes & characteristics are equally important. On repertorization one gets a list of closely running similar remedies, it is the keynotes & characteristics that play a final decisive role in order to arrive at the similimum. In each module Dr Shah explained distinctive features of each drug. Thus ‘Clinical Materia Medica’ course becomes an essential tool in the hands of students to identify & comprehend the drug picture or to differentiate it from other similar looking drugs.

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Dr Ronak Shah MD (Homeopathy) is a Researcher, Clinician, Teacher & promoter of Homoeopathy. He pr....   Read More

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