Dr. Ronak Shah

Dr Ronak Shah MD (Homeopathy) is a Researcher, Clinician, Teacher & promoter of Homoeopathy. He practices in Vadodara, India & Singapore since 1989.

– Professor & Head of the department of Repertory at the Baroda Homoeopathic Medical College, Vadodara since last 25 years.

– Experienced in the treatment of the most difficult diseases such as: Allergic, psychosomatic, advance pathological diseases. Good experience in treating chronic, recurring, resistant diseases.

– An International physician & teacher. Over years conducted many seminars & workshops for Homeopathic practitioners, students, and public in US, Dubai, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, and India etc.

– Written 4 books on Homoeopathy and published articles in various international journals & news papers.– Managing Director of NGO & doing philanthropic activities under it.

– Served thousands of prescriptions by offering free medical care through charitable Homoeopathic Clinic.

– Organized various camps and helped during natural calamities like flood, earthquake etc. Various Research activities have been carried out with the help of students.

– His huge practice supported by clinical research-based data, statistics & scientific documentation makes it unique in the Homoeopathic world.

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