Posted by: DR. Rincy Patel

Lycopodium Clavatum : Top Homeopathic Medicine for Hair Regrowth

Lycopodium Clavatum is a natural homeopathic medicine for treating male pattern baldness. It is prepared from a plant named club moss. This plant is of natural order Lycopodiaceae.

This is a homeopathic medicine for fast hair regrowth in male pattern baldness. In most cases, there is hair loss from the sides of the scalp (temple region). Along with that, dandruff may be present with a bad smell from the scalp. The scalp may be itchy and a burning sensation can also be present.


One of the most popularly prescribed medicines in homeopathy is Silicea. It is derived from human tissues and sandstones. This medicine is excellent for strengthening the hair, eliminates the dryness by providing complete nourishment to the hair and is famous as a growth enhancer. It is one of the 12 tissue cell salts in homeopathy. 

Natrum Muriaticum:

The preparation of this medicine is made from sodium chloride, commonly known as table salt. To grow hair where hair loss occurs from dandruff, dry crusts on the scalp, or hair loss occurring due to skin disorder or menstrual disorders, Natrum Muriaticum is extremely effective. Sometimes hair loss happens due to hormonal imbalance, this medicine treats both with efficacy. It is ideally prescribed to those people who are sensitive and emotional.

Arsenic Album : Homeopathic Medicine for Alopecia Areata Accompanied by Itching and Burning on the Scalp 

Arsenic Album is a recommended homeopathic treatment for alopecia areata which appears as circular bald patches along with itching and burning on the scalp. These symptoms aggravate at night. In some cases, the scalp is also sensitive.

My favourite mother tinctures on my desk

Thuja Q tops the list and is a clear winner for me in my prectice i have used Thuja forpediatricsand adults as well it has given me amazingly beautiful growth in hairs and more over it has help in curing grey hairs in children.

Jaborandi Q 

Jab never goes out of style it stays forever 

Jaborandi is a natural hair tonic and it also helps in strengthening of hairs and helps in to cure grey hairs you can prescribe it blindly I have used this on cases of long covid and post covid it has given brilliant results.

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