Dr. Maneesha Solanki

Dr Maneesha Solanki trained as homoeopathic physician at the D. S. Homoeopathic Medical College, Pune, Maharashtra, where she is now the Principal, P.G. Director, Prof. and Head of the Medicine Department and the Medical Suptd., at the Nyaymurti Ranade Memorial Homoeopathic Hospital, attached teaching hospital.

  • Graduated in Homoeopathy (BHMS) from the Pune University in 1988 and holds a post graduate qualification in Homoeopathy from the Rajasthan University, Jaipur
  • Visiting homoeopathic consultant at the Deenanath Mangeshkar Multi- specialty Hospital and Research centre, and at Ramakrishna Math, charitable Clinic Pune.
  • Winner of Best Teacher Award of the D. S. Homoeopathic Medical College for consecutive two years viz. 2006 and 2007. She is also adjudged as one of Best Teacher Awardees of the Maharashtra University of Health Sciences, (MUHS) Nasik, and Maharashtra in 2010.
  • Nominated Senate Member of the MUHS by Honorable Government of Maharashtra
  • Member of the Board of Study in clinical subjects of PG board; Member Faculty of Homeopathy; Member Accreditation Committee of the MUHS and the member of Ethics Committee of the MUHS. She is recognized PG guide and examiner for both UG and PG degree examination of various universities in India.
  • Resource person for Audio Visual Lecture series for teachers prepared by Dept of I.S. M. & H. Ministry of Health, and family welfare, Government of India on topic ‘Glomeluropathies and its Homoeopathic management’
  • Resource person for the Medical Education Technology Workshops as a teachers training program held by the Central Council of Homoeopathy, New Delhi.
  • Served as a medical Inspector to inspect homoeopathic medical institutions in India by the Central Council of Homoeopathy, New Delhi.
  • More than 25 research publications are to her credit and she has authored two books which are recognized as reference books by the MUHS, Nashik, Maharashtra.
  • Resource person for the National and International Conferences in Homoeopathy and has read and participated in many a National and International Congresses, Seminars, and Workshops etc.
  • She is instrumental in signing Memoranda of Understanding (MOUs) between the D.S. H.M. C, Pune and the Central Council for Research in Homoeopathy, New Delhi and the International Academy of Classical Homoeopathy of Alonissos, Greece of Dr George Vithulkas, for collaboration and advancement of education and research in Homoeopathy.
  • Member of ‘Rapid Rural Assessment program at Bhuj, Gujarat during Gujarat Earth quake calamity in 2001. Conducted the National Campaign of ‘Healthy Mother and Healthy Child with Homoeopathy organized by the AYUSH Department, Ministry of Health and Family welfare, Govt. of India
  • Professor & Head of the department of Repertory at the Baroda Homoeopathic Medical College, Vadodara since last 25 years.
  • Experienced in the treatment of the most difficult diseases such as: Allergic, psychosomatic, advance pathological diseases. Good experience in treating chronic, recurring, resistant diseases.
  • An International physician & teacher. Over years conducted many seminars & workshops for Homeopathic practitioners, students, and public in US, Dubai, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, and India etc.
  • Written 4 books on Homoeopathy and published articles in various international journals & news papers.
  • Managing Director of NGO & doing philanthropic activities under it.
  • Served thousands of prescriptions by offering free medical care through charitable Homoeopathic Clinic.
  • Organized various camps and helped during natural calamities like flood, earthquake etc. Various Research activities have been carried out with the help of students.
  • Her huge practice supported by clinical research-based data, statistics & scientific documentation makes it unique in the Homoeopathic world.

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