Louise Bentley

Louise Bentley (Dip Hom reg AROH) Training Manager – Victorian College of Classical Homeopathy – Homeopathic Facial Analysis (HFA) Research (1999 to present)

Louise Bentley is from Melbourne, Australia and has been working as a homeopathic practitioner since graduating in 1996. Louise has a background in training with a large communications company. She has focused her experience towards homeopathy and the development and research of HFA (Homeopathic Facial Analysis) and its training applications.

Her focus within VCCH has been :

  • Collation and application of miasmatic diagnosis via HFA since 1999
  • Production and editing of the five HFA books by Grant Bentley (Appearance and Circumstance “ 2003, Homeopathic Facial Analysis “ 2006, These two books have been combined and published for Asia renamed Facial Analysis and Homeopathy (BJain 2011). Soul & Survival “ 2008, How Aphorism 27 Changed the World “ 2012, PANDAS, Reaching Out “ a natural and homeopathic approach “ 2016.
  •  Development of the HFA software facial analysis wizard.
  • Co-ordination, development and dissemination of the HFA online course (students in 25 countries).

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