Posted by: DR. Rincy Patel

"Healing with the clean, pure, beautiful agents of nature is surely the one method of all which appeals to most of us" ~ Edward Bach

For the longest time one can imagine, nature has been considered the best healer for emotional and physical health. Various herbs and medicinal plants are produced by mother nature herself to heal her best children, i.e the humans. But it is known to very little that our emotional and psychological health can also be treated naturally with the help of Flowers.

Yes, you read it right FLOWERS!

Flowers help make connections creating an immediate impact on happiness and a long-term positive impact on mood. Behavioural research conducted at Rutgers, the state university of New Jersey confirmed that flowers trigger emotions and heighten our happiness and excitement level, this was back in 2005.

Almost a decade ago existed, Dr Edward Bach who dedicated his life to exploring the power of flowers and plants.

Around 80 years back, between the years 1931-1935, the great physician and homoeopath Dr Edward Bach came up with Bach Flower Remedies. He believed that illness was the result of a conflict between the purposes of the soul and the personality's actions and outlook, and that emotional well-being is the key to good health.

He discovered that flowers have a positive impact on our emotions and can uplift the mood, curing emotional pain and stress. He made sure that his Bach Flower System is easy to understand and use. Bach identified 38 remedies corresponding to 38 negative emotional states, each based on one native flower. These remedies are produced by dropping fresh flowers into the water to yield Mother Tincture. The mode of action of these flower remedies depends on the subtle energy transferred from the flower and, not on molecular or pharmacological mechanisms.

Hence, these remedies are most useful in psychological and psychosomatic disorders.

BFR heals without any side effects. These are gentle yet powerful healing tools that catalyse the resolution of emotional imbalances just like Homoeopathy.

According to Bach, “The restoration of balance could be used in the treatment of any medical condition”, however, Bach Flower Remedies are mostly used in the treatment of psychological problems.

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