Do you remember your teachers from school? Do you sometimes wonder how they managed to live in your memories for so long? A teacher is the backbone of the education system. A teacher makes a lasting impression in our hearts not just because we look up to them for multiple reasons but also because we connect with them at a level deeper than we can ever fathom.

"A teacher refines and reconciles the different currents of thought. This was aptly said by Dr. S. Radhakrishnan, a renowned teacher himself."
Do you have a teacher within you? Have you found your flow yet? Have you discovered your path as a teacher? If your answer to the first question is yes but to the third one is no, then The Homeopathic Academy is what you need! Launched recently, The Homeopathic Academy (THA), a venture of BJainRx LLP, aims to redefine digital education in the world of Homeopathy. Check it out here
With 60,000+ users, 100+ authors, and 25000+ happy reviews, The Homeopathic Academy has graciously established itself as one of the best platforms connecting teachers & budding homeopaths from around the world to millions of enthusiastic learners. We invite you to join us in our endeavor to take homeopathy to new heights in the digital arena. 
If you have a love for learning, if you are passionate, we will help you unfurl the creativity within you- Design your course. Plan your content and that's it. 
It's a simple 4 step- process.

  • Just Fill in a form,
  • Clear the screening,
  • Record your video,
  • Decide your course fee
And get your course published & marketed by THA for the world to see.

The Homeopathic Academy  

Our team guides and supports you through your journey right from the start. Our platform reduces the time and energy that you spend on building, maintaining and marketing your own website/channel. 
And that's not all. With THA looking after your marketing, you get a global reach with THA's extensive audience yearning to learn from you. Earning Potential with Teach on THA: Earn up to 90% of the enrollment fee on every enrollment Receive payments every month.
THA aims to become a foundation for those who have a blazing desire to touch their dreams, gain fame and inspire budding homeopaths world over! So, what are you waiting for Unpack your passion, teach for THA Come, join us as an instructor, become famous & start earning through your lectures. Share your course plan on  [email protected] 
& We ll get back to you after screening. Thankyou & Keep Learning!

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