The Homeopathic Philosophy

The Homeopathic Philosophy


Level : CME (Advance), PG (Intermediate), UG (Beginner)

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Instructor: Dr. Akshay SwamiLanguage: English

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As a child Hahnemann showed remarkable aptitude for study. He had an exceptional talent for languages. Samuel Hahnemann, in full Christian Friedrich Samuel Hahnemann, (born April 10, 1755, Meissen, Saxony [now in Germany]—died July 2, 1843, Paris, France), German physician, founder of the system of therapeutics known as homeopathy. We will be learning about the cardinal principles of homoeopathy. The cardinal principles are law of similia, law of simplex, theory of vital force, law if minimum, doctrine of drug proving, theory of chronic disease and doctrine of drug dynamization. The cardinal principles are well explained. Brief explanation of miasms, as the fundamental cause of disease is well explained. We will learn about interpretation of the sick, disease and vital force with emphasis on human as a single entity. Homoeopathy perceives that there is always something prior to pathological changes of the human body.

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