Reproductive Milestones In Women - Dr. Deepthi Anand

Reproductive Milestones In Women

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General structure of the human body and the various processes happening inside are fascinating. Milestones occurring in the reproductive age of women are equally intriguing. Thus, it is important to know the milestones that are normally attained, to know the abnormality better. Today the world is more liberal towards the health issues in women and these issues are discussed more openly. The social stigma attached with these issues are gradually reducing, therefore the information is shared by the women more freely now a days.

In this course we are going to learn about the physiological processes happening in women. These processes include Puberty, Menopause, Neuroendocrinal axis and Menstruation. This course also deals with the disorders of these processes along with appropriate Homeopathic Therapeutics so that it helps the learner to know the clinical aspects and the concerned Homeopathic treatment.

Knowing about these milestones is important for doctors because the incidence of the related diseases and disorders is high. Knowledge of physiology is very important for a proper understanding of the underlying pathology.

Homeopathic system of medicine offers treatment based on holistic approach and the remedial diagnosis made Homeopathically is largely based on the mental and emotional state of the sufferer. Many health issues in women are directly proportional to the emotional state of the suffering woman and that is why Homeopathy is a better treatment option comparatively.

The course deals with milestones in women and the disorders. It also deals with Homeopathic therapeutics. As such, the course will definitely help the learners to thoroughly understand the normal and abnormal conditions resulting in effective treatment.

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Dr. Deepthi Anand, currently, Assistant Professor, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology.........      Read More

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