Repertory: Elementary Repertory Part 1 - Dr. Vaishnavi Rathore

Repertory: Elementary Repertory Part 1

Level : UG (Beginner), 3rd Year

Course Validity : 365 days

Instructor: Dr. Vaishnavi RathoreLanguage: English

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Homeopathy is based on certain principles and philosophy, which warns us not to neglect even a minute expression, taking the whole organism into consideration at the same time. Thus, the task of a physician is not only restricted to the understanding of the phenomenon of a disease, but also goes one step further in resolving it with cure. Each case is a new piece with a number of symptoms and traits. In order to simplify the case and to figure out a single similimum for a case, we need a repertory. This detailed course will deal with the basic concepts of Repertory and answer questions like What is Repertory? The Need of repertory, Scope of Repertory along with the limitations of the subject.

This Course will cover every aspect of the subject of Repertory. This course includes the need which led to the emergence of the concept of repertory. It includes an in depth discussion of the history of Repertory along with the opinions of various stalwarts in favor and against of homeopathic repertory. This module would include the definition of repertory in the initial stage. Next, the need for a Repertory will be taken up for study. This will also entail a discussion of the difficulties faced by the great homeopaths of that time which led them to the inception of the idea of repertory. This course would also take you through the criticisms faced by those in favor of repertory. These modules will teach the learners some of the basic first repertories and provide the learners with a valuable insight in case taking and its importance while prescribing for any case. It also includes the structure and contents that constitute any repertory. The course will provide the learners with a brief idea about What are the different chapters that form the repertory? What are the different types of Repertories? What is the basic process of Repertorization? What are rubrics? What are the different types of rubrics? It also focuses on the scope of repertory in clinical practice. The course provides an elaborative working method of cases using any Repertory for the beginners in any case. These cases will be worked out from the Presenting complaints to the Prescription part to familiarize the learners with the whole Repertorization process in any repertory. Finally, the Course will also enlist the scope and limitations of each Repertory.

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Dr. Vaishnavi Rathore is MD in Repertory from Dr. B. R. Ambedkar University, Agra and has completed.....       Read More

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