Card Repertories - Dr. Vaishnavi Rathore

Repertory: Card Repertories

Level : UG (Beginner), 4th Year

Course Validity : 365 days

Instructor: Dr. Vaishnavi RathoreLanguage: English

What you will learn

About the course

Card Repertories are nothing but the compilation of the various chits, slips, paper cuttings prepared by homoeopaths for their own purpose. This is a remarkable contribution to the Homoeopathic field which introduces a modern method of working out of the case by using different types of cards and this new technique of repertorisation demonstrates to be time saver and helpful in minimising the labour of writing rubrics, medicines when using the old method of plain paper sheet.  This Course will discuss Card Repertories briefly and then go through the different aspects of Card Repertories including, the origin, the philosophy, plan and construction of the card, the working method through cards and even the scope and limitations of the Card Repertories.

What you will learn

The Course begins with a module on the origin, the principles behind the constructing Card Repertories,  and while introducing the Card Repertory, also  takes up the general merits and demerits of Card Repertories along with an additional discussion on the essentials of a good Card Repertory. Then, the introduction of Card Repertories of different stalwarts also covering the lesser known Card Repertories has been given. Next up, an elaborate discussion on Dr. Jugal Kishore's Card Repertory including the contents, prefaces of different editions and structure of the cards with practical analysis of this card repertory. And not just the repertory, the life history of Dr. Jugal Kishore has also been discussed.  The module includes  Working of a case with Kishore’s Card Repertory and the Merits and Demerits of Kishore's card repertory. After that, the Course conducts an overview on another exhaustive card repertory Dr. Shashi Mohan Sharma’s Card Repertory. Here, each and every aspect of the repertory is covered from introducing the author, and the source, construction to working method of Card Repertory which is followed by another aspect of the repertory i.e. scope and limitation of this Card Repertory. A bonus to this course is a discussion that sketches the contrasting features of card repertory and the conventional book repertory.

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Dr. Vaishnavi Rathore is MD in Repertory from Dr. B. R. Ambedkar University, Agra and has completed........     Read More

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