Practice Of Medicine: Environmental Threats

Practice Of Medicine: Environmental Threats

Level : UG (Beginner), 3rd Year

Course Validity : 365 days

Instructor: Dr. Rashi, Dr. Himani GargLanguage: English

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Ove the past decades, our earth has witnessed progressive environmental degradation not just through natural wear and tear but also because of man’s unending mischiefs. The variations in the environment in terms of temperature, climate, land and a number of chemical and physical agents, both natural and man-made, affect man in numerous ways. 

Environmental risks are therefore a major burden and a global challenge too. In this course we will deal with the various threats that man is predisposed to, due to the effects of the environment.  

The course takes you through the different environmental attributes that affect man in different ways. It begins with the risks associated with travelling from lowlands to higher altitudes and proceeds to discuss the myriad effects of chemical agents like the X rays, gamma rays in the form of radiation, of variations in temperature from hot to cold and vice versa and then the risks associated with man’s interaction with water which include drowning and near drowning. 

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Dr. Rashi Prakash is a passionate homeopath, an avid blogger and writer. She has been keenly interes......     Read More

Your instructor

Dr. Himani Garg holds an M.D in Homeopathy (Paediatrics) from Dr. B. R. Ambedkar University, Agra...... Read More

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