Methodology of Homeopathic Prescribing | Modus Prescriber

Methodology of Homeopathic Prescribing | Modus Prescriber

Level : CME (Advance), PG (Intermediate)

Course Validity : 365 days

Instructor: Dr. Harsh NigamLanguage: English

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About the course

Modus prescriber has been derived from the word – modus which means the methodology and prescriber which means to prescribe. Modus prescriber is the methodology that a practitioner of homoeopathy must acquaint himself with, in order to prescribe efficiently to get predictable results in different case scenarios with high level of proficiency.

Course of modus prescriber delves into the theoretical and practical aspects of making efficient homeopathic prescriptions in accordance with the philosophies and principles stated by the stalwarts of homeopathy. Dr. Harsh Nigam introduces the students to the principles of remedy selection and rules of prescribing followed by various therapeutic strategies that a homeopathic must know. In the later modules, he throws light on the other aspects of a homeopathic prescription like posology and potency selection and dives deeper into the intricacies of case taking and case analysis in homeopathic parlance. Finally Dr. Nigam explains the details of case management and follow up planning, Along with a knowhow of how to integrate Homeopathy with modern clinical medical scenario.

Importance of Modus Prescriber :
a.    It helps a student as well as established practitioners to practice homeopathy in tandem with the prevalent modern school of medicine. 

b.    It helps a budding physician to stay focused on the path enlightened by the stalwarts of homeopathy ie to practice homeopathy a modern approach butting to the 21st-century manner without deviating from the conventional path of classical homeopathy   

Course Curriculum

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Dr Harsh Nigam, despite having obtained M.B.B.S and MD (Physiology), could not suppress the heritage.         Read More

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