General Anatomy & Physiology with Clinical Approach - Dr. Monika Devgan Kathuria

General Anatomy & Physiology with Clinical Approach

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About the course

The purpose of this course of joint anatomy and physiology is to teach the functions, processes and inter-relationship of the different organs and systems of the normal disturbance in disease and to equip the student with normal standards of reference for use while diagnosing and treat-ing deviations from the normal. This will help the student to understand the functional and ap-plied aspect of human body.

To a Homeopath the human organism is an integrated whole of body life and mind; and though life includes all the chemical-physical processes it transcends them. There can be no symptoms of disease without vital force animating the human organism and it is primarily the vital force which is deranged in disease. Physiology shall be taught from the standpoint of description of the physical processes underlying them in health. There should be close cooperation between these two departments while teaching the different systems.

The following course has been designed in a format that will clear all your basics of Anatomy as well as Physiology. The course focuses on details of each topic to its depth with various re-searches and additions in the recent years in the form of clinical alerts, brainstorming sessions where ever needed and also solved MCQ’s at the end of each chapter with detailed explanation to make it more precise.

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Dr. Monika Devgan Kathuria M.D. (Hom.) in Repertory completed her PG in 2008 and BHMS in 1995 from Ne.... Read More

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