Dr. Clarkes Clinical Repertory: An Insight

Dr. Clarkes Clinical Repertory: An Insight

Level : UG (Beginner), 4th Year

Course Validity : 365 days

Instructor: Dr. Ria Thukral,Dr. Rupa VechalekarLanguage: English

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About the course

One of Dr. J. H. Clarke’s major contributions to the field of Homeopathy is the Clinical Repertory. But, it isn’t simply a Repertory that lists many clinical conditions for rubrics. The work is a compilation containing 5 different Repertories. Thus, the full name of the work is A Clinical Repertory to the Dictionary of Materia Medica together with Repertories of Causation, Temperaments, Clinical Relationships and Natural Relationships. This Course will take up each and every one of these Repertories while going through their usage, philosophy, plan and construction among other things.

The Course will cover each and every aspect of Dr. Clarke’s Clinical Repertory. The Course begins with a short life history of Dr. John Henry Clarke and the preface of the Clinical Repertory written by Dr. Clarke himself. Then, the philosophy, plan and construction of the work are taken up. This includes the discussion of Dr. Clarke’s instructions on the usage of each Repertory separately, along with the philosophical ideas behind each of these Repertories. Next, the course includes a separate module on the overview of chapters and rubrics of the Repertory. This module will cover each and every one of the 5 Repertories, along with some important and interesting rubrics in them. This will familiarise the learner with the arrangement of rubrics in these Repertories, while also introduces many interesting rubrics, which he would have missed otherwise. After that, the course will discuss Dr. Clarke’s concept of analysis and evaluation of symptoms. Here, Dr. Clarke’s instructions regarding the same will be discussed by referring to his other works. Following that, cases will be worked out using the Repertory. This will help the learner understand the proper usage of this work in a clinical setting. With this exercise, the learner also comes to know about cases where the Repertory comes in handy. Finally, concluding the course, scope and limitations of the work will be taken up for discussion.

Dr. Clarke’s Dictionary of Practical Materia Medica is considered an important source book in Homeopathic Materia Medica. With the Clinical Repertory, Dr. Clarke attempted to index the important symptoms both in the Dictionary and The Prescriber. But, the Clinical Repertory, a compilation consisting of 5 different Repertories, does have its scope and limitations. Before putting the Repertory to use, the user has to know about its philosophy, plan, construction, etc. Moreover, knowledge of the analysis and evaluation methods is completely necessary if he wishes to use the Repertory to benefit. This course covers all the information required to help the learner make the best of Dr. Clarke’s Clinical Repertory.

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