Dr. Boericke's Clinical Repertory: An Insight

Dr. Boericke's Clinical Repertory: An Insight

Level : UG (Beginner), 4th Year

Course Validity : 365 days

Instructor: Dr. Ria Thukral, Dr. Rupa VechalekarLanguage: English

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Clinical Repertories, by definition are those that have clinical rubrics with the Homeopathic remedies indicated for them. But, a Homeopathic Clinical Repertory is much more than that. Dr. William Boericke gifted the Homeopathic profession with a detailed and useful Materia Medica. And, his brother, Dr. Oscar Boericke added a Clinical Repertory to the work. Consisting of 25 chapters, it is a Repertory that covers most aspects of the human body while following the Hahnemannian schema. This Course will discuss Clinical Repertories briefly and then go through the different aspects of Boericke’s Clinical Repertory including, among other things, the philosophy, plan, construction and the scope and limitations.

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Dr. Ria Thukral holds an MD in Materia Medica from Dr. B. R. Ambedkar University, Agra, an........                      Read More

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Dr. Rupa Vechalekar has her own practice and has also worked with a reputed NGO in Pune. She is.....         Read More

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