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Systemic Anatomy and Physiology with Clinical Approach

The purpose of this combined Anatomy and Physiology course at advance level is to make the students aware of different systems in depth with respect to Applied Anatomy and Physiology systematically.

Author : Dr. Monika Devgan Kathuria
Course Duration: 16 hours

The course has been designed in a format that will clear all your doubts of Anatomy as well as Physiology with practical point of view. The course focuses on details of each topic to its depth with various researches and additions in the recent years in the form of ‘Clinical Alerts’, ‘Brainstorming Sessions’ wherever needed and also ‘Solved MCQ’s’ at the end of each chapter with detailed explanation to make it more precise. We have focused on those topics which are repeatedly asked in Examination and Interviews

  • 1. 1a - Head Neck and Brain - General Overview   FREE 55 min

    In this module we will be discussing the general overview and important structures of head, neck and brain with relationship to each other. We will be discussing the clinical conditions that are related to the skull and also emphasise on the scalp. Discussion on eye and ear along with their importance and their examination will be explained.

  • 2. 1b - Head Neck and Brain - Circulation 51 min

    In this module we will be dealing with the Brain, its arterial supply, the spaces around it, the lesion that occur in the brain, CSF and also we would be studying about the cranial nerves which is a very important topic

  • 3. 1c - Head Neck and Brain - Surface Anatomy 41 min

    In this module we will be discussing the surface anatomy of the head and neck and also learn to find or locate the important markings such as the cricothyroid ligament, the thyroid gland, the middle meningeal artery. Also we will learn about the major pulse points and cover the lacrimal apparatus as well as the external ear. There will be discussion of some additional clinicals related to the skull

  • 4. 1d - Head Neck and Brain - Clinical Cases 29 min

    In this module, we will emphasize more on some Real Clinical cases from the Gray’s Anatomy and MCQ Exercises to improve our knowledge and also to understand the clinical aspect of various important structures in Head, Neck and Brain

  • 5. 2a - Back and Thorax - Gross Anatomy 25 min

    In this module, we will be discussing the peripheral nerves, the Cranial nerves; their relations, course and distributions, and the Autonomic Nervous System with its Development, anomalies, as well as applied Anatomy

  • 6. 2b - Back and Thorax - Conceptual Overview 40 min

    In this module, we will be covering the skeletal framework as a whole, the clinical disorders related to the spine, and the clinical conditions of the back. We will also discuss the important ligaments and muscles and relevant MCq’s

  • 7. 2c - Back and Thorax - Thorax 60 min

    In this module we will be emphasizing on the thorax and also its important contents and their surface anatomy. We would be covering up the thoracic wall along with its clinical considerations and how to visualise the structures in the thorax. We have also discussed a few important cases which would help you understand the topic better.

  • 10. 3b - Chest and Upper Limb - Important Aspects 39 min

    In this module we will be discussing about the important structures of the upper limb like the humerus, the brachial plexus along with their clinicals. We would also be learning about the different fractures and also about the nerve injuries.

  • 13. 4a - Abdomen and Pelvis - Overview 36 min

    In this module we will be discussing about the abdomen, the diaphragm, the abdominal cavity, the 9 quadrants as well as the 4 regions of the abdomen. We will also be discussing about the pelvis and perineum here.

  • 15. 4c - Abdomen and Pelvis - Gastrointestinal Tract 40 min

    In this module we will emphasize on the physiology part. We will be discussing about the Embryology and histology of the Gastro intestinal Tract, the oral cavity, the pharynx, and also would be covering the Physiology of the hepatobiliary system.

  • 17. 5a - Pelvic Girdle and Lower Limb - Anatomy 36 min

    In this module we will be discussing the perineum in depth, the clinicals of the pelvis, the sacrum and coccyx and also discuss the pelvic floor muscles with various clinicals that are relevant here.

  • 21. 6a - Basics of Endocrinal Anatomy and Physiology 43 min

    In this module we will be discussing about the anatomy of the Endocrine system and Endocrinal glands, the menstrual cycle and pregnancy, the properties of the hormones and the other organs that produce hormones.

  • 23. 6c - Investigations - Key Points 41 min

    In this module we will be discussing some of the important Investigations and their Key pointers that will help you not only with your exams but also help you with your practice.

Dr. Monika Devgan Kathuria

Dr. Monika Devgan Kathuria

Dr. Monika DevganKathuria M.D. (Hom.) in Repertory completed her PG in 2008 and BHMS in 1995 from Ne ...Read More

Course Highlights • Systemic Anatomy and Physiology shall be taught with emphasis on Developmental Anatomy, Broad Relationship, Surface Marking, Radiological Anatomy, and Applied Anatomy. • Focus will be on common and important Surface Anatomy Landmarks pertaining to different clinical conditions asked in exams in form of MCQs and job Interviews etc. • Common Physiological phenomenon and concepts to be covered which are frequently asked in Entrances

Systemic Anatomy and Physiology with Clinical Approach
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