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Pharmacy: Concepts & Orientation

Hahnemann, in §264 of his Organon of Medicine says, “The true physician must be provided with genuine medicines of unimpaired strength, so that he may be able to rely upon their therapeutic powers.” But, how can we ascertain this genuineness of our medicines? Where can we do that? For that, we have to go back to where our medicines are made, i.e., in a Pharmaceutical Laboratory. Thus, assuring the genuineness of our medicines, or rather our weapons is to be studied under Pharmacy. Thus, in this course, we will deal with the basic concepts related to Pharmacy, beginning with the History of Pharmacy, how it developed over time and it’s status today, all over the world.

Author : Dr. Saba
Course Duration: 4.5 hours

The Course deals with the basic topics of Pharmacy in much detail. It begins with a study of the History of Pharmacy, which begins with a discussion on the ancient systems of Medicine and looks into how Pharmacy, as a field developed and got classified into multiple types before, during and after Hahnemann’s time. Modules after this discuss various types of Pharmacopoeias in detail along with the important terminologies, definitions and components related to Pharmacy, in general and especially, Homeopathic Pharmacy. It also discusses concepts like Dispensing and specific rules for them. Then, the module on weights and measurements deals with various kinds of measurement systems with details on converting units of measurement and their relation to each other. Finally, the module on nomenclature deals in detail with the scientific classification of the sources of various Homeopathic drugs.

  • 1. History of Pharmacy   FREE 44 min

    This module aims to take the learner through a journey back in time, focusing on how Pharmacy developed from the pre-historic period. It also discusses various philosophies and treatment techniques that were prevalent during Hahnemann’s time. It also discusses the History, Speciality and Branches of Homeopathic Pharmacy in detail.

  • 2. Official Homeopathic Pharmacopoeias 41 min

    Beginning with an introduction, we look into the objective of Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia along with it’s history and development. Then, a detailed discussion of various Pharmacopoeias will ensue, starting with German Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia (G.H.P), followed by others like British Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia (B.H.P), Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States (H.P.U.S), French Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia (F.H.P) and Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of India (H.P.I). This module also discusses a few other important Homeopathic literature related to Pharmacy.

  • 4. Definitions and Components of Pharmacy 57 min

    This module begins with the definition of many procedures seen in Pharmacy, like Collection, Standardisation, Quantitative Analysis, Quality Control, etc. Then, we go on to discuss the general and specific rules for these procedures, for eg:- General rules for collection of plants followed by rules for specific types of plants. This module goes in deep detail, explaining each and every procedure.

  • 5. Weights and Measurements 23 min

    Starting with the definition of the terms, ‘Weight’ and ‘Measurement,’ this module goes into various kinds of measurement systems, their basic units, conversion formulae, etc. It also discusses the inter-relationship between the various systems of international measurement systems.

  • 6. Nomenclature of Homeopathic Drugs 66 min

    First, this module begins with the meaning of the term, ‘Nomenclature’ and then it’s origin, i.e., etymology. Then, it discusses the significance of Nomenclature in Homeopathic Pharmacy. Then, it lists multiple Homeopathic drugs with their scientific classification in detail. For the learners to gather all-round knowledge, Homeopathic remedies sourced from Plant, Animal and even the Mineral kingdom along with some Nosodes have been listed in the module.

Dr. Saba

Dr. Saba

Dr. Saba has done her BHMS from Bakson Homoeopathic Medical College and Hospital. She topped th ...Read More

Importance: Homeopathic stalwarts like Stuart Close, J. T. Kent, etc. have talked about the importance of knowing the strengths and weaknesses of our medicines. This strength and weakness depends on many factors, but, the way these are homeopathically prepared definitely is a factor. So, we as physicians and students of Homeopathy should know everything about our Pharmacy related practices, starting from it’s history. For example,narcotic sources for Homeopathic medicines should always be collected while in bloom and just before or when coming into bloom. The genuineness and strength of those collected at other times cannot be guaranteed. It is age-old knowledge gained over the years that makes it important that we make attempts to follow them to ensure that humankind doesn’t suffer.

Beneficiaries: UG/PG Students

Course Benefit: The course deals with all the basic details in the subject of Pharmacy which a learner needs to grasp. These include the history of Pharmacy, different Pharmacopoeias, important terminologies, definitions and components of Pharmacy, measurements and nomenclature of Homeopathic drugs. The Course talks not only about what happens in a Pharmaceutical Laboratory, but, also deals with topics like dispensing which happen in the clinical setting. For example, Dos and Don’ts of dispensing are discussed in detail. These will help, not only the budding doctors, but also practicing physicians.

Pharmacy: Concepts & Orientation
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