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Miasms of Hahnemann Part 1

With the introduction of new and modified theories related to Chronic Miasms by up and coming Homeopaths of today’s world, the very origin of this theory has become obscure. It is vital to understand this concept as explained by Dr. Hahnemann himself, to avoid these tremendous confusions about Miasms that are prevalent among Homeopathic fraternity these days. Also essential is perceiving the historical evolution of Hahnemann’s Miasms, how they were discovered, how they were perceived and how they were modified. A deeper understanding of Psora, Syphilis and Sycosis in Dr. Hahnemann’s words and through Dr. Farokh Master’s 42 years of experience in dealing with them clinically, is all that is required to clear all misconceptions regarding these Chronic Miasms of Hahnemann.

Author : Dr. Farokh J Master
Course Duration: 2 hours

The course incorporates Dr. Farokh Master’s 42 years of experience and understanding of Chronic Miasms. The modules have been constructed in a way to effectively understand the historical evolution of Concept of Miasms through time.

  • 1. Introduction to the Miasms of Hahnemann & Psora 35 min

    Dr. Farokh Master explains the classification of diseases as described by Hahnemann. He describes the term “Contagia Viva” which was embraced by Hahnemann and it’s relation to the Miasms. Further he talks about the confusions that are prevalent regarding Hahnemannian Miasms among the Homeopaths of modern world, also in the process, clearing all those misconceptions. This is followed by the history behind how Psora came to be, how it was perceived and discovered by Hahnemann with references, and also, the connection between scabies infestation and Psora. Lastly, elaborating upon Primary Psora, as described in the Chronic Diseases.

  • 2. Hahnemann’s Forethought on Psora & Infection 19 min

    The module talks about the forethought of Hahnemann regarding Psora and the Concept of Infection. Here, Dr. Farokh Master illustrates how, without any modern techniques and concepts that are available now, Hahnemann predicted and discovered these theories which came to be very true years later. He mentions the scientific and experimental approach of Hahnemann behind all his findings.

  • 3. Fundamentals of Sycosis & Syphilis 31 min

    Here Dr Farokh Master breaks all the misconceptions regarding the associations between Sycosis, Medorrhinum, and Gonorrhoea with multiple references. Then he gives a detailed description of Sycosis in Hahnemann’s words. In the end, there is an overview of the Venereal Miasms of Hahnemann, again clearing a number of misconceptions regarding Sycosis and Syphilis.

  • 4. Chronic Diseases - Important Aspects 21 min

    In this module Dr. Farokh ends the theoretical and historical study of Miasms with some important and relevant concepts which deserve a mention in Miasm’s history. Here he talks about Kent’s view on Swedenborg Theory of Miasm, followed by the importance of studying the nature of disease, and the classical theory of the Miasms for effective treatment of chronic cases amongst the growing emphasis on the mental picture. Lastly, Dr. Master discusses the Importance of Aetiology in relation to Chronic Disease and Miasms.

Dr. Farokh J Master

Dr. Farokh J Master

Dr. Master is one of the first few homeopaths to have successfully completed his PhD in “Cancer Ma ...Read More


It is vital to understand the concept of Chronic Miasms as explained by Dr. Hahnemann himself, to avoid the misconceptions that are prevalent among Homeopathic fraternity these days. The historical evolution of Hahnemann’s Psora, Syphilis and Sycosis, and their deeper understanding is essential for an effective anti-miasmatic prescription in Chronic Cases. Beneficiaries: UG/PG students, Practitioners Course


1. Understanding the history and evolution of the Theory of Chronic Miasms for a better practical applicability.

2. Clear all the confusions and misconceptions regarding Miasms and Anti-miasmatic Treatment.

Miasms of Hahnemann Part 1
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