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Decoding Homeopathic Philosophy: Dr. H. A. Roberts

Dr. H. A. Roberts (1868-1950), President of International Hahnemannian Association and Editor, Homeopathic Recorder attempts to clear the concepts of Homeopathic Philosophy as laid down by the founder Dr. Samuel Hahnemann for homeopaths and enthusiasts of homeopathy.

Author : Dr. Rashi
Course Duration: 18 hours


A.      Homeopathy was not a popular career choice amongst students earlier. But with time, this field of medicine has gained acceptance as a choice of career amongst medical students. This makes it important for them to understand the very foundations of Homeopathy which have been explained by Dr. H. A. Roberts in his Philosophy. 

B.      Studying the concepts of Homeopathic Philosophy at the UG level helps a Homeopathy student to appreciate the subtleties of Homeopathic science and deal with not just the treatment aspect of his patients but also understand the basis of Homeopathic prescriptions. 

C.      The learner will gain an insight into the core of the subject of Homeopathic Philosophy and its concepts and get acquainted with the views of different stalwarts on them. 

Beneficiaries: UG/PG Students

Course Benefit

a.       The course delineates all the core concepts of homeopathic Philosophy enhancing the learner’s knowledge about the theoretical aspects of the subject.

b.       The learner will get acquainted with several viewpoints of different stalwarts in the academic field of homeopathic philosophy on the same core concept which enhances his knowledge on the same. 


Dr. Rashi

Dr. Rashi

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This course has been created with an aim to convey the core concepts of Homeopathic Philosophy to both students and practitioners of Homeopathy. Being the very basis of Homeopathy, the subject of Homeopathic Philosophy is an important one for all those who strive for success in their practice.

Decoding Homeopathic Philosophy: Dr. H. A. Roberts
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