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Gynaecology and Obstetrics with a Competitive Approach

The subjects of gynaecology and obstetrics clubbed together form a vast sea of topics that form a significant part of any competitive exam and hence require dedicated and smart study. The key objective of this course is to bring complete ocean content into a concise form, in a way that its essence remains undisturbed.

Author : Dr. Pratibha Pathak
Course Duration: 13 hours

The aim of this program is to prepare UG students and doctors for competitive exams in such a way that all important aspects are covered leaving behind no space for failure.

Aspirants of AIAPGET / UPSC / STATE PSCs / Research officers

1. To cover important basic concepts of Gynaecology and Obstetrics, including anatomy, physiology, disorders, and malignant conditions.
2. To cover Gynaecology and Obstetrics concisely through illustrations and comparative tables.
3. To brush up on all concepts through keynotes and one-liners that are important from an examination standpoint.
4. To breeze through important investigations, therapy, and diagnostic findings important from a competitive standpoint.
5. To cover a maximum number of multiple choice questions pertaining to each topic with the necessary explanation for effective revision.

  • 3. General Obstetrics 63 min

    The module includes topics such as fundamentals of reproduction, placenta, foetal membranes, umbilical cord, amniotic fluid, foetal physiology, maternal adaptations, diagnosis of pregnancy and antenatal care along with associated MCQ’s.

  • 4. Diagnosis in obstetrics, Pelvis and foetal skull 43 min

    Diagnosis in obstetrics and foetal monitoring, including basics of ultrasound, its relevance during pregnancy, first trimester examination & second trimester examination, basic understanding regarding pelvis, including pelvic diameters & different types of pelvis, foetal skull with associated MCQ’s have been thoroughly covered in this module.

  • 5. Labour and puerperium 58 min

    This module deals with Labour (introduction, physiology, stages, mechanism and induction of labour) and puerperium & its abnormality are covered along with associated MCQ’s.

  • 8. Infections of female genital tract 25 min

    This module includes basics on vagina, vulvovaginitis, condyloma acuminate (genital warts), genital ulcers, pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) and genital tuberculosis along with associated MCQ’s.

  • 10. Infertility 39 min

    An overview of infertility, male infertility & female infertility is dealt with in this module along with associated MCQ’s.

  • 12. Ovarian and uterine disorders 66 min

    This module comprises topics such as hyperandrogenism, PCOS, galactorrhoea, uterine fibroid, endometriosis, adenomyosis, dysmenorrhea & premenstrual disorders with associated MCQ’s.

  • 13. Medical complications in pregnancy Part 1 69 min

    Conditions like anaemia in pregnancy, heart diseases in pregnancy, diabetes and thyroid in pregnancy, hypertensive disorders in pregnancy along with infections in pregnancy have been discussed in this module along with associated MCQ’s are included.

  • 14. Medical complications in pregnancy Part 2 33 min

    Other diseases in pregnancy such as liver diseases, kidney diseases, epilepsy, tuberculosis, gynaecological disorders & high risk pregnancy have been covered in this module along with associated MCQ’s.

  • 15. Keynotes & MCQ’s 52 min

    Quick revision & summary of all the modules in very short, keynote points and several MCQ’s important from the standpoint of competitive examination have been covered in this module for they are helpful in the learner’s last minute revision.

Dr. Pratibha Pathak

Dr. Pratibha Pathak

Dr. Pratibha Pathak, BHMS, MD in Materia Medica from Sri Sai Nath Post Graduate Homoeopathic Medical ...Read More

This course comprises important topics of gynaecology ranging from menstrual disorders such as amenorrhoea, polymenorrhea, dysmenoorhea to post-menopausal bleeding, hormonal disorders such as PCOS, hyperandrogenism, and many significant malignant illnesses like CA cervix, endometrium, ovary, and important therapies like HRT. 

Several hand-picked topics holding significance from a competitive standpoint have been addressed. Furthermore, the course explores the depths of the subject of obstetrics covering even the minutest of facts and keynotes, ranging from ovulation to the fundamentals of pregnancy, from disorders and complications in pregnancy, malpresentation, malpositions, APH, PPH, ectopic pregnancy, molar pregnancy, to the management and investigations in pregnancy and a lot more. An added bonus is multiple MCQs pertaining to each topic along with a detailed explanation of the answers for your practice and revision at just one glance.

Gynaecology and Obstetrics with a Competitive Approach
This course includes:

  15 Modules      


   Certificate Of Completion

   Course Validity : 365 days

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