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Four Ways to Rejuvenate Your Practice

Homeopathy finds its origin dating back to the eighteenth century. But with changing times and advancing technologies, it is imperative to amend the way we practice the art and science of Homeopathy and adapt to the demands of the modern time. This course talks about the four ways in which a homeopath’s medical practice can leap forward by going digital on the level of repertory, materia medica and case taking- the three foundations of a successful homeopathic practice.

Author : Frederik Schroyens
Course Duration: 2.5 hours

Dr. Frederik Schroyens is the man behind the Synthesis Repertory. Through this course, he intends to lead the budding as well as the established homeopaths into the digital world of homeopathy wherein he talks about the technique of recording the patient’s history i.e digital case taking in the first module, followed by case processing by integrating the repertory and materia medica. These two steps form the very core of the art and science of Homeopathy. Further, Dr. Frederik emphasizes upon the extension of one’s daily medical practice into the realms of research for Homeopathy. Through the module on Evidence- based Medicine, Dr. Frederik encourages the homeopaths to register their own clinical experiences and share them with the Homeopathic community worldwide. In the module on Additions to Synthesis, Dr. Frederik discusses the importance of a deeper understanding of the repertory and gives insight into the quality of additions being made to the Synthesis repertory, the source material for which, ranges from proving to the clinical experience of Homeopaths from around the world. In the end, Dr. Frederik has added a brief topic i.e Significance of Dreams in Homeopathy. This presentation discusses the importance of going beyond the ‘conscious’ of the patient through his dreams into the subconscious and incorporating the same in the repertorising process.

  • 1. Evidence-based Homeopathy 26 min

    This module emphasizes upon the need to practice homeopathy in tandem with the modern approach to medical practice. It guides the homeopaths on registering and reviewing their own clinical cases and also getting feedback on the same by sharing the cases on a digital platform with the homeopaths around the world.

  • 2. Additions to Synthesis 31 min

    This course is about making additions to Synthesis and about the quality of those additions and the quality of the source material including provings and clinical experiences of homeopaths worldwide. The course helps one to learn in depth about the repertory by gaining a deeper understanding of the process of making additions.

  • 3. Integrating Repertory & Materia Medica 44 min

    The repertory and the Materia medica are the two essential parts of Homeopathy. The idea of this module is to throw light on the importance of striking a balance between the two to find the similimum.

  • 4. Significance of Dreams in Homeopathy 34 min

    In today’s times, homeopaths prefer to prescribe on what is apparent, mostly due to lack of time. This module emphasizes on the importance of dreams in Homeopathy as they form a doorway to the subconscious of the patient, often revealing the hidden arenas of the subconscious of the patient. This leads to more accuracy and efficiency in the prescription of the homeopath.

Frederik Schroyens

Frederik Schroyens

Dr Frederik Schroyens is practicing homeopathy since 1978. He is the founding President and teacher ...Read More


a. It helps a physician view his medical practice in a new light, advancing the procedures of case taking and case processing to the digital arena.

b. It is important for the budding physicians as well as established homeopaths to extend their practice to the digital platform with the aim of sharing their clinical experiences with the homeopaths around the globe and thus participate and contribute to the field of research in Homeopathy.

BENEFICIARIES- UG/PG Students, Interns and Homeopathic Practitioners


a. Digitalization of the core procedures of case taking and repertorisation

b. Developing the homeopathic practice in tandem with modern technology and advancing it to the global arena for the purpose of sharing and research

c. Delving into the subconscious of the patient by going beyond what is apparent in his conscious through enquiring the details of his dreams and incorporating it into the process of repertorisation.

Four Ways to Rejuvenate Your Practice
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