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Forensic Medicine & Toxicology

The idea behind this online course is to make you exam-ready for Forensic Medicine and Toxicology questions through MCQs based learning of various topics.

Author : Dr. Aditya Sharma
Course Duration: 1.75 hours

This course will help you understand almost all important topics of forensic medicine and toxicology in a crisp, concise and comprehensible manner, and help you prepare for competitive exams with easy recollection of topics discussed with the help of MCQs. Students and exam aspirants will be able to get a clear insight on all the relevant chapters and benefit from the up-to-date explanations as to how and why an answer is the correct option. This will also save valuable time and act as a re-doable exercise whenever one wants to brush up on F.M.T. Care has been taken to pick up the most important and difficult topics and explain them in a lucid and easily memorisable manner; and also questions that have been asked before in various entrance exams. Practical guidelines and easy to remember tips have been added to make this online course exhaustive yet useful.

  • 1. Understanding Forensic Medicine 44 min

    This module will focus on medical jurisprudence and its practical applications, autopsy, thanatology, asphyxia, post – mortem changes. We will understand various kinds of injuries and their medicolegal aspects. Students will also be able to analyse various facets of forensic psychiatry, stains and their applied aspects. We shall also discuss about the medicolegal branch of sexual offences, abortion, infanticide, child abuse and related topics.

  • 2. Let’s Tackle Toxicology ! 57 min

    Here the students will be able to understand, differentiate and easily memorize about the techniques of detection, estimation , properties, fatal doses, toxicological analysis and treatment individual poisons and toxins among various categories included in Clinical Toxicology such as corrosives, metals, organic and inorganic irritants, depressants, deleriants, asphyxiants and other regional poisons.

Dr. Aditya Sharma

Dr. Aditya Sharma

Dr. Aditya Sharma is M.D. in Homoeopathy (Practice of Medicine) fromBakson Homoeopathic Medical Coll ...Read More

The idea behind this online course is to make you exam ready for Forensic Medicine and Toxicology questions through MCQs based learning of various topics. BENEFICIARIES: AIAPGET/UPSC/State PSCs/Research Officer IMPORTANCE: 1. To help the students understand various concepts of Forensic medicine in a concise manner 2. To prepare for various competitive exams 3. To be able to brush through questions and the explanations of questions asked previously 4. To enrich the students with practical understanding in the medicolegal domain to be used in homeopathic clinics.

Forensic Medicine & Toxicology
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