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Deep Understanding Of Polychrest Remedies And Its Clinical Correlation - Part 1

Homoeopathic remedies have a large number of symptoms which have to be remembered. Every Homoeopath has a different way of learning homoeopathic remedies. This course enables the learning of the crux of each remedy and hence lay a strong foundation to the knowledge of Materia Medica. Also, the action of the remedy shall be explained by correlating with the drug pathogenesis which will help evolve the drug picture and make the understanding of the remedy easier. This course shall provide an in-depth knowledge of various polychrest remedies and shall empower the students and practitioners for the application of these remedies in clinical practice. Application of the remedy in common clinical conditions shall be made easy to understand. This course will be followed by subsequent courses for continued knowledge of homoeopathic remedies.

Author : Dr. Mrinal Parikh – Wani
Course Duration: 3.3 hours

Course Benefits:

  • Provides thorough knowledge about the common polychrests
  • Enables understanding of constitutional and individualizing approach of Homoeopathy
  • Helps gain knowledge of drug pathogenesis
  • Facilitates easy prescribing in common clinical conditions

  • 1. Deep Understanding of Sulphur and its clinical correlation 21 min

    This module features the remedy Sulphur - one of our most frequently prescribed medicines. The module enables a detailed understanding of this medicine by comprising the Doctrine of Signature, Drug pathogenesis, Identifying features and the various keynotes.

  • 4. Deep Understanding of Belladonna and its clinical correlation 38 min

    This module encompasses the remedy Belladonna – a remedy whose applicability in acute and violent diseases is very significant. The module includes not only an explanation of the remedy’s features in detail, but also its application in clinical practice.

  • 6. Case Discussions 22 min

    This module will focus on the practical approach to case solving. It illustrates cases to facilitate a better understanding of the medicines studied in this course.

Dr. Mrinal Parikh – Wani

Dr. Mrinal Parikh – Wani

Dr. Mrinal Parikh-Wani is a practicing Homoeopathic Consultant in Pune, India. She is experienced in ...Read More

This course encompasses the 5 important polychrest remedies–Sulphur, Nux Vomica, Arsenic Album, Belladonna, and Natrium Muriaticum. A detailed study of these remedies is provided, which includes an explanation of its doctrine of signature, pathogenesis, guiding points, generalities, keynotes on the mind and physical level, identification by observation, modalities, and the clinical conditions where the remedy can be indicated. Also, the case discussions at the end of the course enable an easy understanding of the remedies studied.

Deep Understanding Of Polychrest Remedies And Its Clinical Correlation - Part 1
This course includes:

  6 Modules      

  6 Quizes          

   Certificate Of Completion

   Course Validity : 365 days

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