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Comparative Homeopathic Psychology


Homeopathy relies largely on the mentality and the mind symtoms of a patient to identify his constitution. Homeopathic psychology deals with understanding the personality of a patient which is as important as his physical traits in individualizing the case and finding the best suited similimum.

Author : Philip Michael Bailey
Course Duration: 7.6 hours

Psychological Materia Medica is extensively described, with special reference to case studies comparison with similar remedies, clinical application, central issues, keynotes and the essence.

  • 2. The Psychological Characteristics of the Lac Remedies - Part 2 38 min

    This module examines the mentals and unique personality traits of lac remedies like Lac equinum, Lac caninum, Lac bovinum and Lac delphinum. Dr. Philip Bailey compares the characteristics of each one of these remedies, making their study comprehensible and easy to remember for the students.

  • 3. A Comparison of the Mental Characteristics of Carcinosinum, Sepia and Lac Felinum 52 min

    The constitutions of Carcinosinum, Sepia and Lac felinum are very common and very difficult to tell apart, since they resemble each other on the mental and physical levels. Each has issues regarding suppression of self expression, each has a very sensitive emotional nature, and each is highly intuitive. Dr Bailey describes the psychological essences of Carcinosinum, Sepia and Lac felinum, and then goes on to compare and contrast the mental characteristics of these remedies, using case histories for illustration.

  • 4. A Comparison of the Mental Features of Natrum and Aurum Salts 49 min

    Dr Bailey discusses the mental features of all the Aurum and Natrum salts, starting with the essence common to all Natrum cases and the essence common to all Aurum cases. He goes on to compare and contrast the mental features of the common salts of natrum and aurum in detail.

  • 5. A Comparison of the Mental Features of Calcarea and Baryta Salts 51 min

    Dr Bailey gives a detailed analysis of the commonalities and differences regarding the mentals of Calcarea and Baryta remedies, and goes on to describe the psychological pictures of individual salts of Calcarea and Baryta remedies in detail, using case histories for illustration

  • 8. A Comparison of the Mental Features of Medorrhinum, Thuja and Bromium 60 min

    A comparative analysis of the peculiar mental traits of the patients of Medorrhinum, Thuja and Bromium has been thoroughly done by Dr. Philip Bailey. The module delves into the intricacies of the psychological make-up of each of the three sycotic remedies with the help of clinical case histories.

  • 9. A Comparison of the Mental Features of Staphysagria and the Magnesium Salts 47 min

    Staphysagria and Magnesium remedies are characterised by a suppression of anger, a fear of abandonment and a need to please. There are many common psychological features amongst these remedies, and in this module Dr Bailey compares and contrasts the mental features of each remedy, so that the homeopath can differentiate them in clinical practice.

  • 10. A Comparison of the Psychological Features of Argentum Salts, Lycopodium and Silica 47 min

    Lycopodium, Silica and Argentum remedies are well known for treating anticipatory anxiety. However most of the Argentum salts are not well known by homeopaths, and so Argentum nitricum, Silica and Lycopodium are overprescribed, leading to treatment failures. In this module Dr Bailey explains the similarities and differences between these remedies on the mental level, so that homeopaths can correctly identify them in their cases.

Philip Michael Bailey

Philip Michael Bailey

Dr. Philip Michael BaileyDr Philip Michael Bailey is a world renowned therapist and author. He condu ...Read More

Importance: Effective way to learn the subtleties of psychological Materia Medica Effective way to learn how to apply this knowledge clinically/

Beneficiaries: (CME) UG/PG students Practitioners

Course Benefit: Many practitioners have a good knowledge of the physical Material Medica of constitutional remedies, but only a sketchy understanding of the mental characteristics. This leads inevitably to poor prescribing, as there is such a lot of overlap between the physical symptoms and generals of different remedies. Only with a deep familiarity with the mental characteristics of the remedies can constitutional prescribing become accurate and effective.



Comparative Homeopathic Psychology
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